Cool Mornings

For the second morning in the row, I’ve enjoyed my coffee with the windows open and air conditioner off.  I love listening to the sound of the morning… the city traffic and campus construction along with the birdsong and occasionally the sound of an American University athlete starting a workout on the tennis and basketball courts behind our building.

Today in addition to celebrating the arrival of autumn, I’m celebrating the arrival… 24 years ago… of my beautiful baby sisters.  Our lucky family got a “two-fer” so today I celebrate Sarah and Rachel.  I remember the excitement surrounding their birth and the special time I got to spend with my grandparents while my parents were at the hospital.  I remember the Double-Mint gum floral arrangement, the 2 sets of twin babies I received, and holding those little ones for the first time.  Through the years having two little sisters has really paid off.  I had two little students to “teach”, two lovely ladies for tea, two fellow explorers on adventures in the backyard, and now two extra special bridesmaids to stand by my side in just a few weeks.  My life has been so blessed to have sisters.  I’ve learned so much from each of you about how to live more fully as my true self.  I love you Rachel and Sarah.  Happy Birthday!


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