16 days

So we are almost two weeks away from our wedding and naturally my thoughts are all over the place.  Half the time I’m obsessing over this detail or another that I need to see to in the short time I will be in Georgia before the Bagwell and Frazier clans begin to gather.  The other half of the time I’m dreaming about what it will be like to actually start living day in and day out with this person who I love so much and who makes me feel more like me than I think I’ve ever felt… and there it goes again a lump in my throat and the threat of tears.  My hormones are up and down, back and forth.  If I’m this close to tears when I’m about to be married, I can’t imagine the emotions that will overtake me someday when I’m pregnant.  But thoughts like that are for another time and another blog post some years down the road.

Back to my musings on our current countdown.  The thing I’ve been obsessing over today is imagining what it will be like to go from sleeping in a bed alone every night to having someone else there beside me.  I’ve talked to Caleb and it’s been on his mind too.  We are both pretty spoiled on this account.  In our rooms in our parent’s homes we both have a nice large queen size bed to ourselves.  Accustomed to all the room, we are both used to taking up the whole bed.  I like to sleep diagonally my head at one corner of the bed and my feet projected toward the opposite corner.  Caleb’s told me that he is a middle of the bed kind of guy.  Legs in a sorts of directions and from the tangled look of his sheets in the morning there is a good chance he moves around a lot.  [smile]  I think we will both have some things to get used to… especially since the bed we’ll be sharing in our little apartment is a full size.

I tend to think it will all work out okay though.  We’ll be newlyweds and cuddling together at night is a requirement.  Who knows maybe we’ll love the full sized bed so much we insist on it for the rest of our lives?  Then again probably not.  [smile]


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