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Of primary concern to me when reviewing films is the effectiveness of the writer/director’s storytelling ability.  If the story is captivating, I will forgive minor casting failures or location inconsistencies.  I admit that this is a very subjective method, but I’m a sucker for a good story.

To define my favorite kind of movie is really difficult.  My tastes range from sci-fi (though I’m not one for the really obscure films) to rom-coms to period drama.  I’ve also become fascinated over the last year with the sci-fi sub-genre of zombie films (28 Days Later, Zombieland, Shawn of the Dead).  Told you my tastes were all over the board. [smile]

Here I’ll post movie reviews as I see films.  I give a rating of zero to 5 stars.  Please don’t consider me the movie expert.  Take it all with a grain of salt.


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