Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Author: Jeff Lindsey

In 3 words:  violent, gruesome, predictable

I debated whether to post this book as one that I recently read, namely because it is from a genre I rarely read.  In the spirit of full disclosure I’ll give you a bit of a peek into the pages.  Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the second in the Dexter series.  Popular fiction.  Crime novel with a twist.  If you’ve seen the show on Showtime, you’ll know that Dexter is a forensic detective specializing in blood splatter analysis and did I mention he’s also a serial killer who only kills other serial killers.  The book begins with murder a la Dexter and then follows him as he investigates a new killing spree with his detective step sister.  He begins to psychically channel the killer and that’s where all the confusion starts.  Pretty predictable including the twist at the end.  Unless you’re just obsessed with the detective/crime genre, I’d suggest this a book to avoid.

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