Bum hurts (plus some thoughts on narrative theology)

Well, its not terribly bad.  I just haven’t figured out how to avoid all the potholes on Mass Ave yet. [smile]  But I can definitely tell that my back and legs are going to be sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an off day for biking at least for now.  I have class all day and I’m just not up to biking all the way to school quite yet.  That just means that Wednesday when I get home I will have to make myself take Minnie Pearl out.  I have been wanting to take a monument tour, so maybe that’s on the agenda.

In other news, physical exertion isn’t the only kind of exercise I’ve had today.  After the three hours of Systematic Theology with Dr. Soulan on Mondays, I feel like my brain (and soul) needs a break.  The topic today was examining theological sources and norms.  You know, “Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience.”  You wouldn’t necessarily think this topic would be so heady or heavy, but it definitely was and I’m left trying to figure out what I actually think/believe.  I mean that’s sort of the point of the class so at least I can feel assured that I’m getting my money’s worth.  [smile]

I will share one interesting insight from the class discussion today… have you heard of “narrative theology”?  Its okay if you haven’t I hadn’t really either before reading for class.  Basically it means looking at the Bible as if it were a novel… written to communicate something through character development and plot.  Now I’m not suggesting the Bible is exactly like other novels… its really more of an epic (think Gone with the Wind or Anna Karenina).  And its not even exactly like other epics, but there is something to be said for how the story of God’s involvement in the human story.

If you know me at all you know I love a story.  [smile]  So of course the idea that the Bible should be read as a novel is perfect.  I can really get behind that.  Plus it kind of feels like that’s what I’ve been doing all of my life anyway.  In addition to the personal appeal to exploring theology from this perspective I love that it interjects reality into all the academic theological rhetoric and that it affirms the image of a God who meets us in history.  That’s powerful!

Well that’s enough for now.  I think I might take a moment to meditate before I move on to my homework for the evening.  Blessings, M

Adventures of Marg and Minnie Pearl

Sounds like the title of a children’s book don’t you think?  The book cover would feature a young me with braided pigtails (I’m Marg… if you hadn’t guessed) and my sweet sparkly blue bike… that’s Minnie Pearl.  The name came about quite haphazardly.  The official color of the bike is Pearl Blue and I was joking around the day I purchased it that I should leave the tag on and call her Minnie Pearl.  The name sort of just stuck so I guess that’s what she’ll be called for eternity.

Though I bought the bike over a week ago today for a number of reasons was her maiden voyage… well, aside from all the biking around the apartment I’ve done over the last week. [smile] You’ll have to ask my roommates about that.  I would begin making the circuit around the couches, kitchen island, and then as I headed around the hall where they wouldn’t see me I inevitably ran into something and let our a short yelp.  No walls or bikes were hurt in the process.  [smile]

So today I road up to church, which is about half way to school.  Biking to school is the ultimate goal, but I think I’m going to have to practice a bit before I get the courage to attempt the legendary Mass Ave hill.  Is it okay to say I’m super proud of myself for biking up to Crossroads?  I mean for one I made it through a total of 4 circles, including DUPONT!  That’s major… I mean even driving through it the first time was scary.  I also didn’t get off the bike and I will confess it totally went through my mind at one point, especially when someone on a Capitol Bikeshare Bike passed me. [smile]  Finally I made it home in the relative darkness of the city.  That reminds me I need to buy a reflective sticker for my helmet.  I wasn’t thinking about that when I bought my shiny black helmet.

On a side note though I now feel totally disgusting and I’m pretty sure I stink, I think I biked with at least relative grace and I don’t think I looked completely awful when I made it to the church.

I can’t wait for my and Minnie Pearl’s next adventure!  But for now I want to shower and then head to bed… this is more exercise that my usual Sunday routine.  I hope I’m not too terribly sore tomorrow.