The Birds

The bookstore’s store front is a wide expanse of windows (approximately 60 feet).  I’m sure you’re thinking how could that be possible… hard to explain.  We are a corner store and have an angled front.  Anyway, a poor bird just flew into our window about 4 times in a row.  For a second I had this flash of being in Hitchcock’s filming of the birds… or perhaps this newest adaptation.


A tonsil-less, future entomologist

The cutest 4 or 5 year old came into the store just now.  In an attempt to give her grandmother a chance to look for a book I showed her our grocery cart.  Her final purchase was a bag of bugs.  Turns out this future bug scientist had her tonsils out this week… hence the special day out with grandma.



Okay I know that sometimes its hard to figure out how a bookstore is organized, but I just explained it 3 times to woman and she still left not understanding that we alphabetize by authors to the end of the row and then start on the next row.

What am I not explaining right?  This is frustrating!

-Bookshop girl

The Crazies

Must be a full moon because I’m ending the day with crazy customers too.  I had one just get upset because we didn’t have a book she saw in here last time she visited… although I’m not sure why she didn’t think it would sell.  It is a brand new release of a popular author and we had only one copy.  PLUS I had a woman come in thinking she had a gift card when it was really just trade credit.  Boy was she frustrated with her husband for not explaining.  She got a little frustrated with me too, but then apologized.  In fact both women did seem apologetic at their outbursts so I guess that’s a good thing.

They may be crazy, but they have manners!?!



That customer just left.  On the phone the entire time, until thirty seconds before she walked out the door.  She hung up just long enough to ask if we sold TAROT CARD.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! We are a used bookstore if you haven’t noticed during the twenty minutes you have been wandering.  Then again maybe you were too distracted by the conversation you were having on your PHONE!

Okay I’m feeling better now.  Thanks for listening to me rant.

-M. (aka Bookshop Girl)

Upsetting the silence

At the bookstore again today… third day this week not that I really mind.  I feel so at home here.  Guess that’s why it irks me so that my only customer in the store right now is screaming into her cell phone and has been since she arrived (10 minutes ago).  An entire conversation of which I am privy too. Ugh!  When she walked in she was talking about a friend who was upsetting her and now talking about a rash she has from her laundry detergent.

Update again when she leaves.


Bookshop quote of the day

So this is actually a quote from one of my first customers yesterday morning, but still too funny not to share.

Bookshop Girl:  Good Morning!

Customer:  Good Morning and you better not start talking about your love life or I’m going to leave.  Those girls in the bra and panty store wouldn’t stop talking about their boy friends.

To top it all off her next question was “Where are yall’s inspirational romance books?”

You can’t make these things up. -M.

Going crazy…

Bookshop girl here and I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve spent too much time among the books.  Either I am delusional or the books and puppets in our shop are alive, moving about as we sleep or work.  Take the 2000 Guinness World Record book that I’ve found in two locations in the store today alone.  And the puppets insist on being in a disarray everytime I come back to the store.  Today I’ve not even had any kids stop by the store so I’m at a loss to understanding how that Guinness Record book hopped back and forth.  Just too weird.



There are two types of people who shop in bookstores.  Type A is probably what you’d think of as the most typical.  Serious, head down scanning rows of books… even kneeling or squatting to retrieve that perfect book.  Usually spending the best part of an hour walking up and down each row of books, examining titles.  Above all, type A-s are quiet as mice.  Sometimes the bookstore might be full of people, but I could still hear a pin drop.  Quietly and quickly they respond to my greeting and offer of assistance with their eyes still glued to the spines ahead.  Now that I’ve worked in the bookshop for a while they are easy to spot. Its almost as if their aura has encased their bodies in shields.  “Back off… lost in thought,” they read.

Type B are the talkers.  Quiet just isn’t on the to do list.  You get the feeling that for them instead of considering the book store a haven, its a actually the cross between a library and a local bistro.  Type B tends to order books as they would from a menu.  Looking for specific ingredients (author, subject, character series) and the more sous chefs they can engage in the process the better the dish.  Oddly enough instead of being annoying a type B is a refreshing break from the normal quiet routine.

Takes all kinds to keep the book store afloat.  Bookshop girl signing off. -M.