We feast.

To even begin to explain the happiness welling up in my heart today seems quite impossible.  Currently I’m sitting in my best friend Meghan’s sunny living room, gazing at her so cute and so her Christmas tree, and every once in a while glancing in the kitchen as she and Blair prepare our main course for tonight’s progressive dinner.  It finally feels like Christmas, now that The Nine gathering is here.

We’ve been planning for today for a while.  The 3 course progressive dinner (Appetizers at Katie’s, Dinner at Meg’s, and Dessert at Noe’s).  The annual ornament exchange.  The surprise DVD I’ve put together of the pictures of us since college.  Now the day is here when we will feast together, share together, love together and laugh together.  We are so blessed.


P.S. I’ll post recipes from the dinner later.  And of course pictures of our silly selves embracing the gift of friendship in this thing called life.