Graduation petition

Can it be that the time is already here?

I just received an email from the school asking me to fill out an application to graduate in the Spring.  AHHHHH! I went ahead and filled it out, but that now means my list of things to do gets 10 times longer.

  • Start MTS Paper… and then finish it.  [smile]
  • Revise my CV and cover letter.
  • Decide what jobs I’m applying for… or should I say decide what I’m not applying for.  That’s probably the shorter list.  [smile]
  • This should probably come before the last one:  Decide where to apply for jobs.  DC… NYC… LA… ATL… Nashville…. or maybe New Zealand?  I hear they have a great visa application process! [smile]
  • Perhaps I should add: pass my classes.

And that doesn’t even include figuring out whether I’ll even walk for graduation.  I’d love too.  Wesley’s graduation ceremonies take place in the National Cathedral.  BUT… the little sisters, Saysa and Rachie, are potentially graduating from undergrad around the same time.

Fiddly-dee… I think I’ll put the decisions off for later.  Tomorrow is another day!