Early AM Grateful List

Though I don’t have a direct view of the sunrise from my window, the prelude to today’s symphony is still beautiful in the city.  I’m sitting at my desk this morning watching as the sun peeks over the tops of the buildings across the street.  My orchids and African violets anticipate the slow progress of those beams until my wall of windows is blasted with the sun.  Yesterday in my Journaling in Nature class someone remarked that the autumn sun seems to deliver an intensity that is particularly unique from the other seasons.

The cool crisp air of autumn and the warm sun are on my list of things to be thankful for this morning.  If you have something you are particularly grateful for this morning, I’d love for you to share it in the comments.


A poem from my journal

Wrote this poem for the nature journal I’m composing for my Journaling in Nature course.  Its not perfect, but I do like enough to share with you.  I’ll work on building my confidence to post a photo of one of my drawings soon. [smile]  Hope you enjoy.


“3 encounters”

A spiderweb.
A leaf.
A squirrel.

Glistening threads nestled in ivy form a home at the base of a tree.
Sun and dew create tiny jewels that attract my eye.
“Where is the tiny creature who weaved this lacy masterpiece?”

Halt!  A falling leaf commands.
A green missal from above landing directly in my path reminds me to look     with intention at the world above.
“Things are happening up here.  Look up.”

Camouflaged by the small branch of bright green leaves she carries,
A gray squirrel’s bushy tail flicks and I realize this is the real culprit.
The leaf was a message from she who wanted to be noticed.
“I can create a masterpiece too.  Watch as I build my nest.”

Works of art are everywhere.  Mindfulness is necessary to see them.

Capturing water

To counter the rigor of Systematic Theology, I’ve also signed up to take this semester “Journaling in Nature”.  My journey with this class so far is a bit like a rollercoaster.  Up I go thinking about how I love the idea of writing as a spiritual discipline.  Down I race as I hear the dreaded words of my professor that we are supposed to stretch our visual art wings in addition to written reflection.  Up I climb as I realize while I’m sketching for the first time that I actually don’t despise drawing.  And now I’m down again frustrated that I can’t seem to capture water.

The class is Journaling in Nature and we’re supposed to work on it throughout the semester and well currently nature is wet.  Not only is it frustrating that I can’t seem to capture water in drawing for this class, but I also just love rain and the puddled scene it creates.  I so want to be able to find a way to express the love I have for the miracle of rain, but it just doesn’t seem possible.  Everything I come up with seems flat.