Catching up

My life

Since Thanksgiving…  I’ve written my Credo part 1; got an iPhone; visited TN a couple of times; sadly said goodbye to a few housemates; celebrated Christmas with my family and The Nine; met Court’s Allie Grace; rung in the New Year; cheered Emily on at the Disney Land Marathon; played in a little snow; watched the Super Bowl; started a new semester; hosted a Valentine’s dinner; attended the seminary “prom”; made jambalaya for Mardi Gras; and…

GOT ENGAGED! [smile]

His name is Caleb. We’ve been dating since October and he’s completely swept me off my feet (which should help explain why I seemingly dropped off the face of the planet for a few months).

Caleb’s in seminary with me… in fact you may recognize him from the video I posted in October.  (Yes, he’s the guy who I was supposed to be stalking.)  Three days after filming Caleb asked me for coffee and October 1st we meet in Dupont Circle for our first date. Coffee turned into a 5 1/2 hour date that ended with a promise that we would get together again soon. October was a whirlwind of getting to know each other and in November over Thanksgiving we meet each others families… hence all the trips to TN.  At Christmas, I introduced him to The Nine.

On January 20th, he proposed in Dupont Circle… a full post about that will be published soon.  For now just know that I am so happy.  Caleb is wonderful and although wedding planning has already got me a little stressed, I’m so excited about marrying him and starting a life together.

With love, M.

Craving a “Bristol” Afternoon

What I wouldn’t give for fish and chips with mushy peas and a pint at a pub, then the perfect afternoon tea with Raspberry pavlova.

Don’t know exactly what has me in an English mindset. Perhaps it’s this awful heat that we’re experiencing in the city this week. Could also be that my best friend in the world lives in Scotland and I’d love to visit her. Whatever the cause I think I might try to at least remedy the craving for raspberry pavlova this weekend. I’ve just spent about half an hour skimming recipes and think I’ve found the perfect one by Nigella Lawson at The meringue will be the real challenge, but hey I have made an angel food cake from scratch so how hard can this be… those may just be my famous last words [smile]. I’ll let you know how it goes.

We feast.

To even begin to explain the happiness welling up in my heart today seems quite impossible.  Currently I’m sitting in my best friend Meghan’s sunny living room, gazing at her so cute and so her Christmas tree, and every once in a while glancing in the kitchen as she and Blair prepare our main course for tonight’s progressive dinner.  It finally feels like Christmas, now that The Nine gathering is here.

We’ve been planning for today for a while.  The 3 course progressive dinner (Appetizers at Katie’s, Dinner at Meg’s, and Dessert at Noe’s).  The annual ornament exchange.  The surprise DVD I’ve put together of the pictures of us since college.  Now the day is here when we will feast together, share together, love together and laugh together.  We are so blessed.


P.S. I’ll post recipes from the dinner later.  And of course pictures of our silly selves embracing the gift of friendship in this thing called life.

Wedding Day

Heading to Columbus today for the wedding of a dear friend.  I’m sure she will be a beautiful bride and her groom isn’t too shabby either.  Best wishes, Courtney.


Check out the bride and groom. They'll make a beautiful couple!