Puzzeling out a proposal

My MTS Thesis paper proposal is due tomorrow… err today… and I have the worst case of writer’s block.  I’ve got my preliminary bibliography and I have a handle on the significance and methodology (aka structure) I want to use, but the actual thesis or research question is just not revealing itself.  Not to mention that the title is quite awful.

“Cultivating a Broader “Us”:  Visioning a local ministry for persons whose lives are affected by mental illness in the United Methodist Church.”

What am I thinking? It sounds so boring. [smile] And I really have now idea what the cultivating a broader us is supposed to mean… except to indicate inclusiveness within the faith community.

I’m trusting that a night of rest will bring clarity in the morning.  Maybe I’ll dream the perfect thesis and title.  One can always hope.

If I only had the time…

I received an email today asking me to write an entry for an encyclopedia.  I’m not kidding. A real published 12 volume reference encyclopedia.  And I would get a real byline!  The down side is they would need 3000-5000 words on a topic I would have to research by mid-December.  I just don’t think… scratch that, I know I don’t have time in the midst of writing papers for the classes I’m in now and beginning to write my master’s thesis to add this on my plate.

I can’t believe I was asked to do this and now I have to turn it down.  I didn’t realize it until I got the email, but being published in a reference work is something I would love to do.  Maybe lightening will strike twice… For now I guess I just have to hope that the more experience I have writing academically the more I’ll 1) be put in circles where I’ll be asked this kind of thing again and 2) be prepared to respond when the right situation comes along.